Repton Sport

With three hours of curriculum sport per week, and a choice of 20 different sports within our extensive activities program, Reptonians are kept healthy and active.

Participation in sport is not merely a health strategy; it is an education strategy allowing our students to grow, learn and develop personally. Repton sport allows our pupils to develop social and leadership skills; utilising creative thinking, problem solving and teamwork, but most importantly, recognising how to conduct themselves with integrity.

At Repton Al Barsha, we provide an extensive fixtures and events program, which emboldens our children to participate in sport within a competitive environment, allowing them to transfer their learned skills into different contexts. At Repton Al Barsha, we believe that sport is for all and whilst we strive for excellence with our top performers and boast an impressive record, we endeavour to provide opportunities for all pupils to participate and improve at a level appropriate for them. This includes various development tournaments and a competitive inter-house sports program.

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