Repton Refer a Friend Programme


The majority of Repton’s new students come
from parent referrals?

Repton Al Barsha’s Refer a Friend Programme

As a way of thanking our biggest advocates we are offering a

4% tuition fee discount*

for every new enrolment we receive as a result of a parent referral.

Please share your referral details in the form below. 

Terms & Conditions

  1. For each referred child successfully enrolled the referrer will receive 4% discount, for one year, for one child, at Repton Al Barsha. 
  2. The referral reward is applicable to the youngest child of the referrer attending Repton Al Barsha. 
  3. The referrer must be a parent with a child or children already enrolled in Repton Al Barsha. 
  4. Referrals have to be submitted via email to prior to the referee’s application & admission. 
  5. Referral rewards are paid once all the below conditions are satisfied; 
    • Successful admission. 
    • 1st term tuition fees have been settled. 
    • The student has attended school for at least 2 weeks. 
  6. Referral rewards are not applicable for siblings of existing Repton Al Barsha students. 
  7. Referral rewards are not applicable for students transferring from an EKI school or nursery. 
  8. Multiple referrals of the same student will be rewarded on a first referral – first reward basis. 
  9. Referred friends with children already attending Repton Al Barsha do not qualify for this discount. 
  10. Discounts cannot be transferred to others. 
  11. Referral admissions are subject to the school admission and assessment policies & procedures. 
  12. Repton Al Barsha reserves the right to withdraw or change the terms of the referral programme.