Foremarke School Partners With Silsal to Mark UAE National Day

Anselm ChettiarNews & Events

One-of-a-kind Arabic coffee cups, that depict the country’s heritage and key landmarks, were designed and created as a celebration of the UAE’s 48th National Day

DUBAI, November 24, 2019:  In the spirit of the 48th UAE National Day, we collaborated with creative homeware brand, Silsal, alongside Emirati artist, Abdallah Al Astad, to create a limited edition Arabic coffee cup.  The unique design showcased the artistic talents of our Year 2 students, while paying homage to the UAE’s culture, heritage and people.

Our students created exceptional designs that truly reflect the passion, diversity and beauty of the country. Visuals included the UAE flag, Emirati people, the country’s iconic national symbol – the falcon, palm trees, desert, and other scenes of natural beauty that embody the history and traditions of the UAE.  Other students focused their artistry on the county’s architectural splendour, with beaming buildings and stunning skylines reflecting the modern and futuristic development of the country.

“The students released their inner artist and demonstrated their creativity on a simple coffee cup and as a result, the design uniquely and vibrantly represents the UAE,” said Zoe Woolley, our Headmistress.  “We extend a special and heartfelt thank you to Silsal and Abdallah Al Astad, who provided a platform for our students to celebrate UAE National Day in an incredibly special way this year.”

We encourage students to apply what they learn in the classroom to the real world, giving them a chance to bring their creative capabilities to life. The National Day collaboration allowed our students to understand the importance of the elements that unify the UAE, and learn more about the country in which they live.

Al Astad, a self-taught Emirati artist, calligrapher and photographer visited us to work with our students, helping them unlock and express their creativity through art. His signature calligraphic style effortlessly fuses classical standards with a distinctly modern sensibility. As an artist, whose work has been exhibited across the country, Al Astad naturally connected with our students through the use of visual learning. He introduced them to various elements that make up the seven emirates, and how these can be mirrored through art.

Similarly, the company ethos of Silsal is rooted in the idea that beauty should infuse everyday life and everyday objects. Through our students’ unique designs on the Arabic coffee cups, they successfully represented key elements that make up the UAE.

“As the Foremarke students celebrate the country in which they live and learn, they start to appreciate what is important. We are proud that they continue to discover different ways to express themselves and are excited to share their designs with the country.  We hope to inspire other schools to celebrate UAE National Day in their own unique way,” concluded Woolley.