Foremarke School hosts Science Competition for Year 5 Pupils in Dubai

Anselm ChettiarNews & Events

13 teams across 6 leading schools participated in the competition

 Dubai, UAE (March 26, 2018): Foremarke recently hosted the first ever science competition for Year 5 pupils in Dubai. The competition aimed to inspire young innovators to solve challenges while testing their abilities in critical thinking, innovation and teamwork.

Apart from Foremarke, 13 teams across five leading schools from Dubai participated in the competition. These included King’s Al Barsha, GEMS Al Barsha, Safa Community School, Jebel Ali Primary School and Victory Heights.

The competition, which was conceptualised by Foremarke, was divided into three challenges; creating a wind powered vehicle that could replace fossil-fueled cars in Dubai, detecting the criminal by using chromatography and dissecting a plant to show its component structures. A total of 39 pupils from Year 5 participated and showcased their projects before a jury.

Participants were judged on a wide range of criteria, including thinking and analytical skills, originality of thought in the form and function of the experiment as well as scientific method, content and clarity of presentation.

The first edition of the Science Competition was a wonderful opportunity to provide a platform for pupils across Dubai to enhance their passion for science. Competitions like these highlight the importance of science and its relevance to pupil’s lives while helping them develop creativity and team effort.  We look forward to making this an annual event that will expand in scope and help pupils become more curious about how the world works through engaging in creative science challenges.