Repton Family of Schools launches first-of-its-kind blockchain portfolio capturing students’ academic journey

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  • The ‘Repton Passport’ will house students’ official academic and extra-curricular journey from FS1 to Year 13, in a shareable, digital format powered by blockchain technology developed by EduChain Inc.
  • This year, in partnership with Niftify™, our Y6, IB2 and IGCSE Reptonians will receive personalised and animated NFTs with their Repton Passport designed by artist, Dina Fawakhiri.

The Repton Family of Schools in the UAE has partnered with EduChain Inc., the Canadian based EdTech innovators, to create the region’s first K-12 blockchain-secured multimedia digital portfolio, Repton Passport. Students and alumni from the three Repton schools in the UAE – Repton Dubai, Repton Al Barsha and Repton Abu Dhabi – will be able to safely receive, manage and share their academic and extra-curricular accomplishments via unique links, multiple platforms and social media.

Aligning with the UAE’s 50-Year charter to build a central education file for every citizen, the Repton Passport aims to archive every Reptonian’s school journey with a centralised collection of academic records, including transcripts, certifications, class pictures, awards and extra-curricular portfolios. In addition to the academic documents, Repton Passport creates a digital memory of student journeys and life lessons learnt. Students and alumni will be able to look back at their learning journey with pictures of proud moments, memorable experiences, meaningful friendships and personal videos from their teachers who nurtured and inspired them over the years.

The 2022 graduating IB2, IGCSE, and Year 6 cohorts from the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE, will receive their personalised Repton Passports at the end of the academic year, with their learning journeys at Repton carefully catalogued.

David Cook, Chief Education Officer for the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE and Headmaster of Repton School Dubai comments, “We are excited to gift Reptonians a permanent digital record of their unique life story while with Repton Family of Schools, providing them with the opportunity to revisit their very own digital time-capsule as young adults at Repton. The Repton Passport is a collection of meaningful journeys, encounters and experiences that shaped Reptonians’ characters and will provide them the tools to access their future success.  As we celebrate our 15th year anniversary at Repton Dubai, we are proud to have several graduating students who have stayed with us since they joined at 3 years old.  In an increasingly digital world, we hope this new platform will support Reptonians in actively pursuing potential future opportunities, while at the same time maintaining the safety and security of their credentials. We are very pleased to work with EduChain Inc. to provide our students with a seamless digital solution that they can use Post-16 when applying to universities and prospective career opportunities.”

As publishers of the system, the Repton schools securely design, issue and manage official digital records for their students, including diplomas, letters, certificates, transcripts and other documents. Students can access their own Repton Passports, where they receive, store and manage their credentials, and easily share records for university, job applications and other opportunities. EduChain Inc. applications operate on top of an institutional blockchain network to ensure the security and verifiability of all issued records.

EduChain Inc. is the trusted blockchain provider for top universities in the country such as Zayed University, Khalifa University and University of Sharjah, and has received various awards and recognition from Mubadala, CNN, Dubai Future Foundation and more.

Gary Liang, Director of Educhain Inc. says: “We are proud to work with the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE to offer students a secure one-stop solution for their academic certifications. Our blockchain network is built on Hyperledger Fabric as a tamper-proof verification layer to independently store and verify the origin and legitimacy of data and records. With the Repton Passport, students can look back on their academic journey at Repton and trust that their documents will be safely secured.”

To commemorate the launch of the Repton Passport, Dina Fawakhiri, the Dubai and Amman based artist joined the milestone project to conceptualise a unique digital art piece that will be gifted to each student when receiving their digital passports. Dina specializes in Arabic children’s books and contemporary Arabic calligraphy, with art being sold at Crate&Barrel and at Bloomingdale’s Middle East as part of her collaboration with Silsal. She has previously collaborated with UNICEF and Swatch, and has created a t-shirt capsule with Sauce Dubai, and participated in Amman Design Week as both Artist and Mentor.

Commenting on the collaboration, Fawakhiri says, “It is a privilege to work with the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE to create this special art piece, which represents the students and their journey through school. The digital artwork is inspired by the Repton emblem and the Reptonian values of creating sustainable leaders of the future. Highlighting student journeys through school and beyond graduation, the flag represents the end goal and student achievements, while the sun glowing from behind symbolizes a new day.”

Niftify™, an easy-to-use and compliance-first NFT platform, is partnering with the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE to mint the animated Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Students receiving their Repton Passports by Term 3 this year will also receive their unique NFTs.

“At The Repton Family of Schools in the UAE, we want our community of students to immerse themselves in Web3.0, spark their creativity by introducing them to the world of NFTs, and to be part of the future today,” David concluded.

Starting from the 2022-2023 academic year, the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE will be the first in the world to offer the blockchain-secured multimedia digital portfolio, Repton Passport, to all student’s past, present, and future, covering Reptonians from FS1 to Year 13 as well as alumni.