Co-curricular Activities

Academic excellence at Repton Al Barsha is matched by an extraordinarily broad co-curricular provision. This is a vital part of our pupils’ broad and far-reaching education. Our co-curricular programme is purposeful, inclusive and ambitious. We offer more than 65 activities to all our pupils as early as FS1, every week day, and across sports, creative arts, well-being, culture, mother-tongue languages and more.

Reptonians are able to take full advantage of the wonderful opportunities for academic enrichment that stretch way beyond the confines of the classroom, trying out new things, taking risks, finding their passions and having fun exploring them!

The vast majority of the activities are free, voluntarily run by our passionate and inspiring teachers who develop exciting and high-quality learning experiences, fostering self-confidence, leadership, team work, empathy, perseverance and many more life-long skills. The lessons learnt and experiences gained through collaboration on after-school projects, hours of dance rehearsals or dedicated sports practice are invaluable.

Co-curricular activities also enable Reptonians to compete externally and they regularly win prizes in a wide range of specialties, including Academic Olympiads and Debating.

Qu’ran Club
Helping Muslim children to memorise the Surahs from Qur’an in a proper Tajweed according to their abilities and age.
Coding Club
Using your skills of coding and developing the importance of clear instructions, you will be creating films. You will decide on the location of your film, choose different characters and then using code to direct and move the characters to tell a story.
Come to yoga for kids and learn healthy lifestyle habits, gain strength and fitness in a fun and enjoyable class. You will learn a variety of yoga poses to feel relaxed and healthy, gain confidence but most importantly have a good time with your friends. Sign up and feel relaxed!
Junior Choir
If you want to feel energised and uplifted come and join the Junior choir. Singing is fun, choir will set you up for the rest of the day and make you feel part of a musical team
Theatre, Drama & Dance 
Come and learn show tunes, drama and dance. Learn routines from popular West End Musicals. We will also be looking at a variety of musicals at the beginning of each session, encouraging a love of the theatre.
Experience a range of team games that will further develop speed, agility and quickness and prepare children for competitive games in a fun and enjoyable environment.
Crafts Club
Come to Crafts Club and get creative! Join in with designing, drawing and creating.
Story Club
We will be listening to a story by a well-known author such as Julia Donaldson or Judith Kerr. We will then complete a range of activities linking to the story. These activities will include a quiz, a craft activity or some art work.
Arts Club
A variety of fun activities to develop imagination and creativity through painting, collage and mixed media.

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