Technology & Innovation

Our approach to technology and innovation is guided by our vision of ‘Learning by Connecting.’

Digital learning is designed to connect our pupils, parents and teachers in our community and the wider world.  By bringing our parents and carers into a closer relationship with teaching and learning, technology enhances our learning environment. Parents are able to see digital learning in real-time and are given a window into their child’s day that goes beyond what can be captured in books alone. Through photos, video and audio recordings, parents receive notifications of their child’s activities providing the tools to take topics and discussions into the home, enriching the learning environment. Digital teacher feedback is available on an ongoing basis rather than being reserved for termly meetings.  Engaging our pupils and parents through this platform enables rapid progress. 

The technology also takes learning experiences beyond the classroom to connect and collaborate with other pupils and experts around the world.  Recent initiatives include working with the team at Expo 2020; collaborating with native Arabic speakers; workshops at the Louvre Abu Dhabi to inspire the creation of art galleries in VR; and connecting with a UK-based scientist to learn about digestion.  We believe that modelling and practising these collaborative skills will help our pupils appreciate new perspectives and develop the empathy and understanding required to solve complex problems and become the innovators of the future. 

Technology is not just placed in classrooms; its impact is constantly assessed and measured.  In 2017-18, a focused study revealed that FS2 children made twice the progress in phonics as the previous year’s cohort following a targeted intervention with iPads.  Our internal qualitative studies continually reinforce the success of our vision: children and teachers alike report that classrooms are more interactive, creative and successful due to increased pupil engagement. 

Continuous professional development is at the heart of our vision. All Repton Al Barsha teachers have successfully completed the Apple teacher programme, a self-paced professional development course that fosters the skills necessary to use technology purposefully and creatively.  Additionally, every teacher and assistant has received training to use in-built accessibility features as well as Apple Classroom to personalise learning for each child.  Our learning environment has truly been transformed. 

Repton Al Barsha is equipped with one-to-one iPads at no additional cost to parents and is recognised as an Apple Distinguished School for its continuous innovation in teaching, learning and the school environment.  Please download our multi-touch book to read our story through an iOS device. 

Repton Al Barsha and Being Apple Distinguished

Being an Apple Distinguished School puts Repton Al Barsha up there with some of the most innovative schools in the world. We have leaders and teachers who demonstrate the school’s own vision, along with Apples exemplary learning environments. Here at Repton Al Barsha we use Apple products to inspire student creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. We seek to provide opportunities in which students are excited about learning, curiosity is fostered and learning is a personal experience.  

Within our designation, we openly share our successes with other educators by publishing stories and collaborating with Apple education teams to host school visits. At these events, school leaders share their vision for their programs and educators showcase their best practices for using Apple products and content to create powerful teaching and learning experiences. 

Our leaders, staff, and the extended community have a clear vision that articulates how their technology-rich environment supports their goals for learning. School leaders support their school’s vision by promoting continuous innovation—an ongoing process that requires thoughtful planning, practice, and iteration along the way. 

As their technology-rich environments support the innovative use of Apple products, staff and students have opportunities to enrich their learning and teaching experiences in ways that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. 

School leaders are able to show how their staff and students use Apple products and services to support continuous innovation in learning, teaching, and the school environment. 


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