Academics Overview

Active learning and individualised teaching are the cornerstones of the Repton Al Barsha curriculum delivery. At Repton Al Barsha, we are preparing pupils not only to pass examinations but also for an enriched and productive adult life. Our curriculum is rigorous but this co-exists with sensitivity to the individual needs of our pupils, who are challenged but not overwhelmed. 

The Repton Al Barsha curriculum is broad and balanced, retaining emphasis on reading, English, mathematics and science. Teaching is focused and subjects are delivered by exceptional teachers who have high expectations of their pupils. Parents can expect to see and follow their child’s work in books where neatness, good handwriting and accuracy are expected, as well as on digital platforms. Our teachers create a vibrant, stimulating environment, using modern methods and teaching philosophies, where appropriate. 

Our curriculum, which follows the UK National Curriculum for England, is enhanced with elements of the ISEB curriculum and is designed to meet the rigorous standards expected for 11+ and Common Entrance examinations. Where necessary, extra support in preparing for these examinations will be given. Repton Al Barsha promotes inclusivity of both SEND and MAG&T pupils through the Repton Achievement Base (RAB). 

Early Years

The Foundation Department at Repton Al Barsha aims to develop a child’s love of learning by delivering a broad and exciting curriculum based on the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. Through this, the children will develop a love of learning by engagement in play-based learning opportunities.

It is important to remember that children develop quickly in the early years and are able to meet and enjoy the challenges that are put before them. Through natural inquisitiveness and imagination, children soon develop ideas that inspire them and encourage intellectual, physical and emotional development.

Lower School (Years 1 and 2)

Nurturing this inquisitiveness is essential to ensure a child continues confidently in their educational development. In the Lower School we ensure this happens through a carefully planned and implemented transition process all undertaken in conjunction with the Foundation School.

We understand the importance of creating an environment in which children will continue confidently to build their individual character and self-esteem. Although putting great emphasis on the core subjects of English and Mathematics, in our experience, teaching a broad and exciting curriculum ensures that the children will not only learn facts and figures but also begin to answer independently and ask more challenging questions. With a positive attitude and frame of mind, thinking outside of the children’s natural comfort zone becomes second nature. This enables a positive learning environment to pervade throughout the school.

Within the Lower School our rounded curriculum includes the provision of extra opportunities for sports, music and art beyond what is offered in the school timetable. Our activities programme aims to give children the opportunity to further develop their abilities, or even try new areas of interest. Starting in the Lower School, our specialist sports teachers begin to provide teaching for more competitive sports squads preparing the children for competition.

Middle School (Years 3 – 5)

Much is made of the needs of the 21st century learner and it is incumbent on every good school to prepare its pupils well for the world in which they will work. However, children will always need a thorough understanding and a good grasp of the basics. Nothing the future holds will replace the need for our children to be able to communicate, read and calculate and our traditional approach to these vital elements underpins our curriculum.

In Years 3 and 4, teaching is still predominantly given by the form teacher with specialists for Art, Music, Arabic, French and P.E. The Heads of Year 3 and 4 work closely with all class teachers to oversee the academic and pastoral well being of all children in those years. Year 5 children are introduced to pure specialist teaching.

Upper School (Years 6 – 13)

The Upper School operates within a strong form system with their form tutor at the heart of their pastoral care. At Repton Al Barsha value is placed on an education which takes the best from traditional and modern methods. Classes are taught in an ordered environment with structured lessons designed to stretch and challenge every child. A variety of teaching methods are used to ensure that every type of learner performs to his/her best ability.

We believe that high expectations are the key to high achievement. The curriculum is broad and, although we take the New National Curriculum as our base, we exceed this in many ways to ensure children are prepared for 11+, 13+ and other entrance examinations.

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